What is Scrabble?

Scrabble is essentially a word game which can be played by 2-4 players at a given time on a board which comprises a grid of squares in a 15 X 15 format. The squares are assigned different scoring attributes. There are 100 tiles to draw from and players must draw 7 tiles initially and maintain the same number on their racks till they are exhausted. Each tile has a point value attached to it. If all 7 tiles are used in a word an additional 50 points is added to the players score. The goal is to win by scoring more than your opponent. Scrabble is now increasingly played competitively across several countries on the globe and in several languages.

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Wednesday, 18 March 2015

Solution for AACEIPT?

You can have a total of 4 bingos.  Using the blank as a R we have Apricate (probability 4852) which means exposing to sunlight. Apricate takes S and D as back hooks.Using the blank as a T we get two words Apatetic (probability 13766) which means to inherit the same colour as the surroundings and Capitate (probability 13767) which means shaped like a head. Capitate takes only a D as a back hook.Using the blank as a H we have Hepatica (probability 14745) which is a perennial herb. Hepatica takes E, L and S as back hooks.

Friday, 13 March 2015

Solution for AEKOST?

We have a total of 5 bingos here. With the blank as an I we get oakiest (probability:1404) which means oaklike. Using the blank as a L we get skatole (probability:5566) which is a chemical compound.Using the blank as a M we get matokes (probability:11426) which is a plantain.Using the blank as a R we have Kotares (probability:3034) a king fisher.Using the blank as a V we get Voetsak (probability:11429) which is an expression of rejection.

Thursday, 12 March 2015

Wednesday, 11 March 2015

Solution for AALNST?

You can have 11 bingos in all. Using the blank as a C you can have cantals which is a french cheese, probability 15198. Using the blank as an E we come up with sealant, which is a sealing agent, probability 1639. If the blank is used as an I we have latinas, a female latin american, probability 3086. The use of the blank as a P yields 3 words plantas, platans and saltpan. Planta refers to the sole of the foot (15215), a platan is a large tree (15216) and a saltpan (15217) is a large pan for
evaporating salt water. Using the blank as an S we arrive at santals (18891) a sandalwood. Using the blank as a T we arrive at saltant (14607) a mutant form and talants (14607) which is a talon. The use of the blank as a U yields sultana (9069) who is a sultans wife. The blank can be also used as a Y to give analyst (15219).

Tuesday, 10 March 2015

What are the different bingos you can make?

If you have the rack AALNST?, with the ? being the blank tile, how many bingos can you make?

Solution for AAACMS?

Using the blank as an R we get three words Maracas, Marasca and Mascara. A Maraca is a percussion instrument. Maracas has a probability rank of 28152 according to Zyzzyva. A Marasca is a wild cherry with a probability rank of  28153. Mascara refers to colouring your eyelashes with a cosmetic of some kind and has a probability rank of  28154.


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Different Words Same Meaning

Citolas, Citoles, Cithrens, Citherns, Cithers, Citterns - A Guitar
Waivode, Waiwode, Woiwode, Voivode - An army leader
Cagouls, Cagoules, Kagouls, Kagoules, Kagools - An anorak
Eulachan, Eulachon, Oulachon, Oulakan, Oolakan, Ulikon - A candlefish
Kiester, Keister, Hurdies, Patootie - The Buttocks
Didakei, didakai, Diddicoy, Didicoi, Didicoy - A Tinker
Cabala, Cabbala, Kabala, Kabbala, Kabbalah, Qabala, Qabalah - a Jewish doctrine
Yoghurt, Yaourt, Yogurt, Yoghourt - A type of curd
Narwal, Narwhal, Narwhale - An Arctic aquatic mammal
Lekythus, Lecythus, Lekythos - An ancient oil Jar
Germen, Germain, Germaine, Germin - Something that serves as an origin
Filemot, Philomot, Philamot - A dull brown shade
keblah, Kibla, Kiblah, Qibla - The direction muslims face while praying
Litchi, Lichi, Lychee, Lichee - A fruit
Poursue, Pursue, Persue, Poursew Pursew - To follow
Pummelo, Shaddock, Pompelo - A citrus fruit
Repreeve, Reprive, Repryve - To delay
Baklava, Baklawa, Baclava - A middle eastern desert
Nilgai, Nilgau, Nilghai, Nilghau, Nylghai, Nylghau - a large antelope
Cassina, Cassene, Cassine, Cassena - an evergreen tree
Narghile, Narghily, Nargile, Nargileh, Nargily - a hookah
Dirdam, Dirdum, Durdum - uproar
Shechita, Shehitah, Shehita - krosher killing of animals
Mezuzot, Mezuzoth, Mezuzah, Mezuza - a Jewish scroll

Combo Words of Two Words that are Good Both Ways

Bedrail - Railbed
Dovering - Ringdove
Hangover - Overhang
Turnover - Overturn
Runover - Overrun
Roadside - Sideroad
Outburn - Burnout
Woodworm - Wormwood
Linecut - Cutline
Outpass - Passout
Outspeak - Speakout
Comedown - Downcome
Upclose - Closeup
Outback - Backout
Pinhead - Headpin
Mateship - Shipmate
Cutover - Overcut
Upstart - Startup
Outshoot - Shootout
Overwing - Wingover
Fantail - Tailfan

Common Words with Not so common Anagrams

Tailors - Oralist, Rialtos, Sliotar
Almonds - Dolmans
Mustard - Durmast
Stadium - Dumaist
Romance - Cremona
Cauldron - Crunodal
Acolyte - Cotylae
Cilantro - Contrail
Decagon - Congaed
Ethical - Alethic
Strongly - Strongyl
Ungrazed - Gazunder
Expires - Prexies
Detangle - Danegelt
Teardown - Danewort
Erasions - Sensoria
Innovate - Venation
Inundate - Antidune
Invocate - Conative
Antidote - Tetanoid
Liaises - Silesia
Coalise - Celosia
Isotherm - Moithers
Heroism - Moreish
Sedation - Astonied
Marries - Simarre
Tsunami - Manitus, Santimu
Cheerio - Echoier

Those Handy Pyramid Words!

Pyramid words are words which start at 2 letters but can be extended to 7 letters and beyond. For example take the word loofahs, we start with lo, next we get to loo, followed by loof, loofa, loofah and loofahs. Thus by knowing loofahs we get to know a total of 6 words. Other examples include:
Abasers, Amenders, Amusers, Barbers, Bingers, Chained,
Chiasmal, Daledhs, Divests, Erasers, Fasties, Godsons, Hookahs, Jambees, Jamboks, Kaingas, Kinases, Lapsers, Maliced, Mentors, Nursery, Parkiest, Poleyns, Reeders, Reposes, Singers, Skaters,Tapetis, Teasers, Ureases, and Woosells.

There are some reverse pyramid words too. Take the word drooped for example, we start with ed, then ped, then oped, then ooped, rooped and finally drooped.Other examples include:
Aemules, Afeared, Borates, Cleared, Demures, Escapes, Glaired, Hamates, Lemures, Mananas, Penates, Retapes, Scraped, Testates, Upreach, Vacates, Whooped, Yslaked and Zananas.

6500 New Words Added to CSW