What is Scrabble?

Scrabble is essentially a word game which can be played by 2-4 players at a given time on a board which comprises a grid of squares in a 15 X 15 format. The squares are assigned different scoring attributes. There are 100 tiles to draw from and players must draw 7 tiles initially and maintain the same number on their racks till they are exhausted. Each tile has a point value attached to it. If all 7 tiles are used in a word an additional 50 points is added to the players score. The goal is to win by scoring more than your opponent. Scrabble is now increasingly played competitively across several countries on the globe and in several languages.

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Tuesday, 30 April 2019

Goa Scrabble Tournament 2019

Sherwin won the 2019 WESPA rated scrabble tournament in Goa the venue for the 2019 WESPAC tournament. Here are some game boards courtesy WESPA and Yash who finished a very credible 6th in a tough field. The winners pic is courtesy The Goan:
Sherwin wins goa scrabble 2019

goa scrabble tourney 2019

goa scrabble tourney 2019

goa scrabble tourney 2019

goa scrabble tourney 2019

goa scrabble tourney 2019

goa scrabble tourney 2019

goa scrabble tourney 2019

goa scrabble tourney 2019

goa scrabble tourney 2019

goa scrabble tourney 2019

goa scrabble tourney 2019

goa scrabble tourney 2019

goa scrabble tourney 2019

goa scrabble tourney 2019
Sheer brilliance from Sherwin for playing idealities through 3 floating i's and Carol for her 9X Quaffing for 260 plus

Monday, 18 March 2019

Probability or Playability?

So how should you study words? by probability or playability, look at the following set of words, amelcorn, cornmeal, cornrent and naricorn: Which of these should you study first?

probability or playability

The following or the probability and playability ranks of the above mentioned words:

Probability Rank
Playability Rank
source: The lucksack tournament helper

The pros will tell you that you are better of studying words words by playability and thus you should study the low probable but highly playable cornrent and naricorn ahead of the highly probably amelcorn/cornmeal.

Thursday, 7 February 2019

Those Fish Related Words in Scrabble

There are quite a few fish related words in scrabble over 375 of them in fact. Here is the complete list courtesy Mohan Chunkath:

fishy scrabble words

ABLET    - ABLET a freshwater fish [n -S]
ADOBO    - ADOBO a Philippine dish of fish or meat [n -S]
AHI      - AHI a Hawaiian fish ( yellowfin tuna or bigeye ) [n -S]
ALEVIN   - ALEVIN a young fish [n -S]
ALLICE   - ALLICE a fish of the shad family, also ALLIS [n -S]
ALLIS    - ALLIS a fish of the shad family, also ALLICE [n -ES]
AMIA     - AMIA a freshwater fish [n -S]
ANABAS   - ANABAS an E Indian fish [n -ES]
ANABLEPS - ANABLEPS a freshwater fish [n -ES]
ANCHOVY  - ANCHOVY a small edible Mediterranean fish [n ANCHOVIES]
AQUAFARM - AQUAFARM to cultivate food fish [v -ED, -ING, -S]
ARAPAIMA - ARAPAIMA a large edible fish [n -S]
ARGULUS  - ARGULUS a fish louse [n ARGULI]
ASPIC    - ASPIC jellied meat or fish used as a glaze [n -S]
ATHERINE - ATHERINE a fish resembling the grey mullet [n -S]
AYU      - AYU a small fish [n -S]
BAITFISH - BAITFISH a fish used as bait [n -ES]
BAITING  - BAITING fish or worms used as bait [n -S]
BANDFISH - BANDFISH a bright-red Mediterranean fish, or other ribbon-shaped fish [n -ES]
BARBEL   - BARBEL a freshwater fish [n -S]
BARRA    - BARRA ( Australian slang ) short for BARRAMUNDI, an Australian fish [n -S]
BASS     - BASS a type of fish [n -ES] / low in pitch [ adj  BASSER, BASSEST]
BASSE    - BASSE to fish for bass [v BASSED, BASSING, BASSES]
BATFISH  - BATFISH a fish with wing-like projections [n -ES]
BERGYLT  - BERGYLT a red ocean fish [n -S]
BETTA    - BETTA a freshwater fish [n -S]
BIGEYE   - BIGEYE a marine fish [n -S]
BILLFISH - BILLFISH a fish with long jaws [n -ES]
BLACKFIN - BLACKFIN an edible fish [n -S]
BLEAK    - BLEAK a freshwater fish [n -S] / {dreary=adj} [ adj  BLEAKER, BLEAKEST]
BLENNY   - BLENNY a marine fish [n BLENNIES]
BLOODFIN - BLOODFIN a freshwater fish [n -S]
BLOWFISH - BLOWFISH a marine fish [n -ES]
BLUEFISH - BLUEFISH a marine fish [n -ES]
BLUEHEAD - BLUEHEAD a marine fish [n -S]
BOARFISH - BOARFISH a marine fish [n -ES]
BONACI   - BONACI an edible fish [n -S]
BONEFISH - BONEFISH a marine fish [n -ES]
BOURRIDE - BOURRIDE a fish stew [n -S]
BOWFIN   - BOWFIN a freshwater fish [n -S]
BOXFISH  - BOXFISH a marine fish [n -ES]
BRANDADE - BRANDADE a fish dish [n -S]
BRILL    - BRILL a fish spotted with white [n -S] / brilliant [ adj  BRILLER, BRILLEST]
BUMALO   - BUMALO an Indian fish dried as food, also BUMMALO, BUMALOTI [n pl.]
BUMALOTI - BUMALOTI an Indian fish dried as food, also BUMMALO, BUMALO [n -S]
BUMMALO  - BUMMALO an Indian fish dried as food, also BUMALO, BUMALOTI [n BUMMALOS or BUMMALOTI]
BURBOT   - BURBOT a freshwater fish [n -S]
BURLEY   - BURLEY an American thin-leaved tobacco [n -S] / to scatter fish bait on water [v -ED, -ING, -S]
BYCATCH  - BYCATCH an immature fish [n -ES]
CALLOP   - CALLOP an Australian edible freshwater fish [n -S]
CANDIRU  - CANDIRU a tiny S. American fish which can swim into a body orifice,where it attaches itself by means of a spine and feeds on blood and body tissue [n -S]
CARANGID - CARANGID a marine fish [n -S]
CATFISH  - CATFISH a scaleless, large-headed fish [n -ES]
CAVEFISH - CAVEFISH a sightless fish [n -ES]
CERO     - CERO a large food fish [n -S]
CEVICHE  - CEVICHE a raw fish hors d'oeuvre [n -S]
CHEVIN   - CHEVIN the chub a river fish [n -S]
CHIMAERA - CHIMAERA a marine fish [n -S]
CHIMERID - CHIMERID a type of fish [n -S]
CHIRO    - CHIRO a marine fish [n -S]
CHROMIDE - CHROMIDE a tropical fish [n -S]
CHUB     - CHUB a freshwater fish [n -S]
CICHLID  - CICHLID a tropical fish [n -S]
CIOPPINO - CIOPPINO a spicy fish stew [n -S]
CISCO    - CISCO a freshwater fish [n CISCOS or CISCOES]
CLUPEID  - CLUPEID a fish of the herring family, also CLUPEOID [n -S]
CLUPEOID - CLUPEOID a fish of the herring family, also CLUPEID [n -S]
COALFISH - COALFISH a dusky fish [n -ES]
COBIA    - COBIA a large game fish [n -S]
CORKWING - CORKWING a European fish of the wrasse family [n -S]
COSMIN   - COSMIN a hard substance in fish scales, also COSMINE [n -S]
COSMINE  - COSMINE a hard substance in fish scales, also COSMIN [n -S]
CREEL    - CREEL to put fish in a fish basket [v -ED, -ING, -S]
CREVALLE - CREVALLE a food and game fish [n -S]
CRUCIAN  - CRUCIAN a European fish [n -S]
CRUSIAN  - CRUSIAN a type of fish [n -S]
CUNNER   - CUNNER a marine fish [n -S]
CUSK     - CUSK a marine food fish [n -S]
CYPRINID - CYPRINID a small freshwater fish [n -S]
DACE     - DACE a freshwater fish [n -S]
DANIO    - DANIO an aquarium fish [n -S]
DAPPER   - DAPPER a bouncing fish bait [n -S] / {spruce=adj} [ adj  DAPPERER, DAPPEREST]
DASHI    - DASHI a fish broth [n -S]
DEALFISH - DEALFISH a marine fish [n -ES]
DEMIVEG  - DEMIVEG a person who eats no red meat, but eats poultry and fish [n -ES]
DENTEX   - DENTEX a voracious Mediterranean fish [n -ES]
DESCALE  - DESCALE to remove scales from fish [v DESCALED, DESCALING, DESCALES]
DIB      - DIB to fish by floating the bait, also DIBBLE [v DIBBED, DIBBING, DIBS]
DIBBLE   - DIBBLE to fish by floating the bait, also DIB [v DIBBLED, DIBBLING, DIBBLES]
DOPIAZA  - DOPIAZA an Indian dish, meat or fish in onion sauce [n -S]
DORAD    - DORAD a South American walking fish [n -S]
DORADO   - DORADO a marine fish [n -S]
DORE     - DORE another name for the fish walleye [n -S]
DRAGONET - DRAGONET a marine fish [n -S]
DRUMFISH - DRUMFISH a fish that makes a drumming sound [n -ES]
EEL      - EEL a snakelike fish [n -S]
EELPOUT  - EELPOUT a marine fish [n -S]
ESCOLAR  - ESCOLAR a food fish [n -S]
FALLFISH - FALLFISH a freshwater fish [n -ES]
FILEFISH - FILEFISH a bony fish with a leathery skin [n -ES]
FINFISH  - FINFISH a true fish [n -ES]
FIRKIN   - FIRKIN a small cask for liquids, butter or fish [n -S]
FISHBALL - FISHBALL a fish cake [n -S]
FISHBONE - FISHBONE a bone of a fish [n -S]
FISHBOWL - FISHBOWL a bowl in which live fish are kept [n -S]
FISHCAKE - FISHCAKE a cake made of fish and potato [n -S]
FISHERY  - FISHERY a place for catching fish [n FISHERIES]
FISHFUL  - FISHFUL containing many fish [ adj ]
FISHGIG  - FISHGIG a pronged implement for spearing fish [n -S]
FISHHOOK - FISHHOOK a barbed hook for catching fish [n -S]
FISHING  - FISHING the sport of catching fish [n -S]
FISHKILL - FISHKILL the sudden destruction of large numbers of fish [n -S]
FISHLESS - FISHLESS having no fish [ adj ]
FISHLIKE - FISHLIKE like a fish [ adj ]
FISHMEAL - FISHMEAL ground dried fish [n -S]
FISHNET  - FISHNET a net for catching fish [n -S]
FISHPOND - FISHPOND a pond for keeping fish [n -S]
FISHSKIN - FISHSKIN the skin of a fish [n -S]
FISHWAY  - FISHWAY a device for enabling fish to pass around a dam [n -S]
FISHWIFE - FISHWIFE a woman who sells fish [n FISHWIVES]
FISHY    - FISHY consisting of fish [ adj  FISHIER, FISHIEST]
FLATFISH - FLATFISH a marine fish that habitually lies on its side [n -ES]
FLATHEAD - FLATHEAD a marine food fish [n -S]
FOGASH   - FOGASH a fish [n -ES]
FOOLFISH - FOOLFISH a marine fish [n -ES]
FROGFISH - FROGFISH a marine fish [n -ES]
FUGU     - FUGU a toxin-containing fish [n -S]
FUMADO   - FUMADO a smoked fish [n FUMADOS or FUMADOES]
GAFF     - GAFF to catch a fish with a sharp hook [v -ED, -ING, -S]
GAMBUSIA - GAMBUSIA a small fish [n -S]
GANOID   - GANOID a type of fish [n -S]
GANOIN   - GANOIN the outer hard layer on some fish scales, also GANOINE [n -S]
GANOINE  - GANOINE the outer hard layer on some fish scales, also GANOIN [n -S]
GARFISH  - GARFISH a freshwater fish [n -ES]
GED      - GED a food fish [n -S]
GEELBEK  - GEELBEK a yellow-jawed fish [n -S]
GEFILTE  - GEFILTE as in gefilte fish, a dish of fish stuffed with various ingredients, also GEFULLTE [ adj ]
GEFULLTE - GEFULLTE as in gefulllte fish, a dish of fish stuffed with various ingredients, also GEFILTE [ adj ]
GEMFISH  - GEMFISH a marine fish [n -ES]
GIG      - GIG to catch fish with a pronged spear [v GIGGED, GIGGING, GIGS]
GILL     - GILL to catch fish with a gill ( a type of net ) [v -ED, -ING, -S]
GILLER   - GILLER one that gills ( catches fish in a gill ) [n -S]
GILTHEAD - GILTHEAD a marine fish [n -S]
GOATFISH - GOATFISH a tropical fish [n -ES]
GOBIID   - GOBIID a fish of the goby family, also GOBIOID [n -S]
GOBIOID  - GOBIOID a fish of the goby family, also GOBIID [n -S]
GOBY     - GOBY a small fish [n GOBIES]
GOLDEYE  - GOLDEYE a freshwater fish [n -S]
GOLDFISH - GOLDFISH a freshwater fish [n -ES]
GOUJON   - GOUJON a small strip of fish deep fried [n -S]
GRAYLING - GRAYLING a food fish [n -S]
GREASIES - GREASIES fish and chips [n]
GREENEYE - GREENEYE a small W. Atlantic fish with pale green eyes [n -S]
GROUPER  - GROUPER a food fish [n -S]
GRUNION  - GRUNION a small food fish [n -S]
GUDDLE   - GUDDLE to catch fish by hand, also GUMP [v GUDDLED, GUDDLING, GUDDLES]
GUMP     - GUMP to catch fish by hand, also GUDDLE [v -ED, -ING, -S]
GUNNEL   - GUNNEL a marine fish [n -S]
GUPPY    - GUPPY a small tropical fish [n GUPPIES]
GURRY    - GURRY fish offal [n GURRIES]
HADDOCK  - HADDOCK a food fish [n -S]
HAGFISH  - HAGFISH a fish which resembles an eel [n -ES]
HAIRTAIL - HAIRTAIL the cutlass fish [n -S]
HAKE     - HAKE a marine fish [n -S]
HALFBEAK - HALFBEAK a marine fish [n -S]
HEADFISH - HEADFISH a marine fish [n -ES]
HERRING  - HERRING a food fish [n -S]
HOGFISH  - HOGFISH a tropical fish [n -ES]
HOKI     - HOKI a type of fish with white flesh [n -S]
HOUTING  - HOUTING a type of fish [n -S]
ICH      - ICH a disease of certain fish [n -S] / to {eke=v} [v -ED, -ING, -ES]
ICHTHIC  - ICHTHIC relating to fish [ adj ]
ICHTHYIC - ICHTHYIC pertaining to fish [ adj ]
ICHTHYS  - ICHTHYS a fish emblem symbolizing Christ [n -ES]
IDE      - IDE a European freshwater fish [n -S]
IKAN     - IKAN fish as an ingredient of Malaysian cooking [n -S]
JEWFISH  - JEWFISH a large marine fish [n -ES]
JUREL    - JUREL a food fish [n -S]
KABELJOU - KABELJOU a large food fish [n -S]
KAHAWAI  - KAHAWAI a large fish [n -S]
KEEPNET  - KEEPNET a net for holding fish alive in a river [n -S]
KENCH    - KENCH a bin for salting fish [n -ES]
KILLIE   - KILLIE a freshwater fish [n -S]
KINGFISH - KINGFISH a marine food fish [n -ES]
KINGKLIP - KINGKLIP a marine food fish [n -S]
KIPPER   - KIPPER to cure fish by salting and smoking [v -ED, -ING, -S]
KOI      - KOI a large colourful fish [n -S]
KOKANEE  - KOKANEE a food fish [n -S]
KOKOPU   - KOKOPU any of several small freshwater fish of New Zealand [n -S]
LABROID  - LABROID a marine fish [n -S]
LAKER    - LAKER a lake fish [n -S]
LEDGER   - LEDGER to fish with a ledger-line [v -ED, -ING, -S]
LINGCOD  - LINGCOD a marine food fish [n -S]
LIONFISH - LIONFISH a tropical fish [n -ES]
LOACH    - LOACH a freshwater fish [n -ES]
LOBEFIN  - LOBEFIN a bony fish [n -S]
LOBSTER  - LOBSTER to fish for a large strong-clawed edible crustacean [v -ED, -ING, -S]
LOOKDOWN - LOOKDOWN a marine fish [n -S]
LOUVAR   - LOUVAR a large silvery whalelike scombroid fish [n -S]
LUCE     - LUCE a freshwater fish [n -S]
LUDERICK - LUDERICK an estuarine and rock fish of Australia [n -S]
LUMPFISH - LUMPFISH a marine fish [n -ES]
LUNGFISH - LUNGFISH a type of fish [n -ES]
LUNKER   - LUNKER a large game fish [n -S]
LYTHE    - LYTHE a common fish of the cod family [n -S]
MACHI    - MACHI ( Hinglish ) as in machi chips, fish and chips [ adj ]
MACKEREL - MACKEREL a marine food fish [n -S]
MAHIMAHI - MAHIMAHI a Hawaiian food fish [n -S]
MAIGRE   - MAIGRE a large Mediterranean food fish [n -S]
MAOMAO   - MAOMAO a New Zealand fish [n -S]
MARLIN   - MARLIN a marine game fish [n -S]
MATELOTE - MATELOTE a fish stew [n -S]
MENDIGO  - MENDIGO a freshwater fish [n -S]
MENHADEN - MENHADEN a marine fish [n -S]
MENOMINI - MENOMINI a small white fish [n -S]
MERCHILD - MERCHILD a fish with the body of a child [n MERCHILDREN]
MERFOLK  - MERFOLK fish people [n -S]
MILKFISH - MILKFISH a marine food fish [n -ES]
MILT     - MILT to impregnate with fish sperm [v -ED, -ING, -S]
MILTER   - MILTER a male fish at breeding time [n -S]
MOJARRA  - MOJARRA a marine fish [n -S]
MOLA     - MOLA a marine fish [n -S]
MONKFISH - MONKFISH a marine fish [n -ES]
MOONEYE  - MOONEYE a freshwater fish [n -S]
MOONFISH - MOONFISH a marine fish [n -ES]
MORWONG  - MORWONG an Australian fish [n -S]
MUDFISH  - MUDFISH a fish found in muddy water [n -ES]
MULLOWAY - MULLOWAY a large Australian fish [n -S]
MURAENA  - MURAENA a food fish of the Romans, also MURENA [n -S]
MURENA   - MURENA a food fish of the Romans, also MURAENA [n -S]
MUSKIE   - MUSKIE a freshwater fish [n -S]
MUSPIKE  - MUSPIKE a freshwater fish [n -S]
NANUA    - NANUA a New Zealand sea fish [n -S]
NIGIRI   - NIGIRI a small oval block of cold rice, wasabi and fish [n -S]
NUMBFISH - NUMBFISH a fish capable of emitting electric shocks [n -ES]
OARFISH  - OARFISH a marine fish [n -ES]
OLDWIFE  - OLDWIFE a marine fish [n OLDWIVES]
ONO      - ONO a Hawaiian fish [n -S]
OOLACHAN - OOLACHAN a marine food fish [n -S]
OPAH     - OPAH a marine fish [n -S]
ORFE     - ORFE a golden-yellow fish [n -S]
OTTER    - OTTER to fish with a board of baited lines [v -ED, -ING, -S]
OVERFISH - OVERFISH to deplete the fish supply too much [v -ED, -ING, -ES]
PAKOKO   - PAKOKO ( New Zealand ) a small freshwater fish [n -S]
PANCHAX  - PANCHAX a tropical fish [n -ES]
PANFISH  - PANFISH any small fish that can be fried whole [n -ES]
PARGO    - PARGO a food fish [n -S]
PARORE   - PARORE a type of fish found around New Zealand and Australia [n -S]
PARVOLIN - PARVOLIN an oily liquid obtained from fish [n -S]
PEGASUS  - PEGASUS a type of small fish [n -ES]
PENK     - PENK a minnow, a small fish [n -S]
PERCINE  - PERCINE pertaining to fish of the perch family [ adj ]
PERCOID  - PERCOID a spiny-finned fish [n -S]
PETRALE  - PETRALE a type of sole fish [n -S]
PICKEREL - PICKEREL a freshwater fish [n -S]
PIGFISH  - PIGFISH a marine fish [n -ES]
PILCHARD - PILCHARD a small marine fish [n -S]
PINFISH  - PINFISH a small marine fish [n -ES]
PINTANO  - PINTANO a tropical fish [n -S]
PIPEFISH - PIPEFISH a slender fish [n -ES]
PIRARUCU - PIRARUCU a large food fish [n -S]
PLACOID  - PLACOID a fish having platelike scales [n -S]
PLATY    - PLATY a small tropical fish [n PLATIES or PLATYS] / split into thin, flat pieces [ adj  PLATIER, PLATIEST]
POGGE    - POGGE a fish with bony scales [n -S]
POGY     - POGY a marine fish [n POGIES]
POISSON  - POISSON a fish [n -S]
POMFRET  - POMFRET a marine fish [n -S]
POMPANO  - POMPANO a marine food fish [n -S]
PRAWN    - PRAWN to fish for edible shellfish [v -ED, -ING, -S]
PUPFISH  - PUPFISH a small, freshwater fish [n -ES]
RASBORA  - RASBORA a tropical fish [n -S]
RASCASSE - RASCASSE the scorpion fish [n -S]
RATFISH  - RATFISH a marine fish [n -ES]
RATTAIL  - RATTAIL a marine fish [n -S]
REDBELLY - REDBELLY the char or other red-bellied fish [n REDBELLIES]
REDFIN   - REDFIN a freshwater fish [n -S]
REDHORSE - REDHORSE a freshwater fish [n -S]
REMORA   - REMORA a type of marine fish [n -S]
REPEREPE - REPEREPE the elephant fish, a large fish of the Pacific with a trunk-like snout [n -S]
RIPPIER  - RIPPIER a person who transports fish inland to sell [n -S]
RISSOLE  - RISSOLE a small ball filled with meat or fish [n -S]
ROBALO   - ROBALO a marine food fish [n -S]
ROCKFISH - ROCKFISH a fish living around rocks [n -ES]
ROCKLING - ROCKLING a marine fish [n -S]
ROSEFISH - ROSEFISH a marine fish food [n -ES]
RUDD     - RUDD a freshwater fish [n -S]
SAIBLING - SAIBLING a freshwater fish [n -S]
SAILFISH - SAILFISH a large marine fish [n -ES]
SALMON   - SALMON a food fish [n -S]
SALMONID - SALMONID a fish of the salmon family [n -S]
SANDFISH - SANDFISH a marine fish [n -ES]
SANDLING - SANDLING a marine fish [n -S]
SARGO    - SARGO a fish [n -S]
SARGOS   - SARGOS a fish [n -ES]
SARGUS   - SARGUS a fish [n -ES]
SASHIMI  - SASHIMI a Japanese dish of sliced raw fish [n -S]
SAUGER   - SAUGER a freshwater fish [n -S]
SAUREL   - SAUREL a marine fish [n -S]
SAURY    - SAURY a marine fish [n SAURIES]
SAWFISH  - SAWFISH a marine fish [n -ES]
SCAD     - SCAD a marine fish [n -S]
SCALARE  - SCALARE a tropical fish [n -S]
SCHELLY  - SCHELLY a freshwater white fish of the Lake District [n SCHELLIES]
SCIAENID - SCIAENID a carnivorous fish [n -S]
SCOMBRID - SCOMBRID a fish of the mackerel genus [n -S]
SCOPELID - SCOPELID a deepwater fish [n -S]
SCULPIN  - SCULPIN a freshwater fish [n -S]
SCUP     - SCUP a marine fish food, also SCUPPAUG [n -S]
SCUPPAUG - SCUPPAUG a marine fish food, also SCUP [n -S]
SEAFOOD  - SEAFOOD edible fish or shellfish from the sea [n -S]
SEAN     - SEAN to catch fish in a net [v -ED, -ING, -S]
SEAROBIN - SEAROBIN a marine fish [n -S]
SEATROUT - SEATROUT a marine fish [n -S]
SEAWIFE  - SEAWIFE a kind of wrasse, a bony fish [n SEAWIVES]
SEINE    - SEINE to catch fish with a hanging net [v SEINED, SEINING, SEINES]
SEIR     - SEIR a fish of the mackerel family [n -S]
SERRAN   - SERRAN a fish [n -S]
SERRANID - SERRANID a marine fish [n -S]
SEVICHE  - SEVICHE a dish of raw fish [n -S]
SEVRUGA  - SEVRUGA a fish [n -S]
SHAD     - SHAD a food fish [n -S]
SHANNY   - SHANNY a marine fish [n SHANNIES]
SHOTTEN  - SHOTTEN having spawned ( fish ) [ adj ]
SKIPJACK - SKIPJACK a marine fish [n -S]
SOCKEYE  - SOCKEYE a food fish [n -S]
SPLAKE   - SPLAKE a freshwater fish [n -S]
SQUID    - SQUID to fish for ten-armed marine mollusks [v SQUIDDED, SQUIDDING, SQUIDS]
STEWPOND - STEWPOND a fish pond [n -S]
STINGRAY - STINGRAY a flat-bodied marine fish [n -S]
STRIPER  - STRIPER a food fish [n -S]
STUDFISH - STUDFISH a freshwater fish [n -ES]
STURGEON - STURGEON an edible fish [n -S]
SUNFISH  - SUNFISH a marine fish [n -ES]
SURFFISH - SURFFISH a marine fish [n -ES]
SURIMI   - SURIMI an inexpensive fish product [n -S]
SUSHI    - SUSHI a dish of cold rice cakes topped with raw fish [n -S]
SWEETLIP - SWEETLIP an Australian fish [n -S]
TAILFIN  - TAILFIN a fin at the posterior end of a fish [n -S]
TARPON   - TARPON a marine game fish [n -S]
TARWHINE - TARWHINE an Australian fish [n -S]
TELEOST  - TELEOST a bony fish [n -S]
TENCH    - TENCH a freshwater fish [n -ES]
TERAGLIN - TERAGLIN an edible marine fish of Australia [n -S]
TETRA    - TETRA a tropical fish [n -S]
TIDDLER  - TIDDLER a small fish [n -S]
TILAPIA  - TILAPIA an African fish [n -S]
TILEFISH - TILEFISH a marine food fish [n -ES]
TOADFISH - TOADFISH a marine fish [n -ES]
TOGUE    - TOGUE a freshwater fish [n -S]
TOMCOD   - TOMCOD a marine fish [n -S]
TORSK    - TORSK a marine food fish [n -S]
TRAWL    - TRAWL to fish by dragging a net along the bottom of the sea [v -ED, -ING, -S]
TROLL    - TROLL to fish with a slowly trailing line [v -ED, -ING, -S]
TROUT    - TROUT a freshwater fish [n -S]
TUBFISH  - TUBFISH the gurnard fish [n -ES]
TULADI   - TULADI a freshwater fish [n -S]
TULLIBEE - TULLIBEE a freshwater fish [n -S]
TUNA     - TUNA a marine food fish [n -S]
TUNNY    - TUNNY a tuna fish [n TUNNIES]
TYEE     - TYEE a food fish [n -S]
VENDACE  - VENDACE a European fish [n -S]
VENTRAL  - VENTRAL a fin located on the underside of a fish [n -S]
WAREHOU  - WAREHOU any of several edible New Zealand fish [n -S]
WARSAW   - WARSAW a marine fish [n -S]
WEAKFISH - WEAKFISH a marine fish [n -ES]
WEEVER   - WEEVER a marine fish [n -S]
WIRRAH   - WIRRAH a saltwater fish with bright blue spots [n -S]
WOLFFISH - WOLFFISH a marine fish [n -ES]
WRASSE   - WRASSE a marine fish [n -S]
YABBIE   - YABBIE a small freshwater crayfish, also YABBY [n -S] / to fish for yabbies [v YABBIED, YABBIES]
YABBY    - YABBY to fish for small freshwater crayfish [v YABBIED, YABBYING, YABBIES]
ZANDER   - ZANDER a fish [n -S]
ZINGEL   - ZINGEL a fish [n -S]


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Different Words Same Meaning

Citolas, Citoles, Cithrens, Citherns, Cithers, Citterns - A Guitar
Waivode, Waiwode, Woiwode, Voivode - An army leader
Cagouls, Cagoules, Kagouls, Kagoules, Kagools - An anorak
Eulachan, Eulachon, Oulachon, Oulakan, Oolakan, Ulikon - A candlefish
Kiester, Keister, Hurdies, Patootie - The Buttocks
Didakei, didakai, Diddicoy, Didicoi, Didicoy - A Tinker
Cabala, Cabbala, Kabala, Kabbala, Kabbalah, Qabala, Qabalah - a Jewish doctrine
Yoghurt, Yaourt, Yogurt, Yoghourt - A type of curd
Narwal, Narwhal, Narwhale - An Arctic aquatic mammal
Lekythus, Lecythus, Lekythos - An ancient oil Jar
Germen, Germain, Germaine, Germin - Something that serves as an origin
Filemot, Philomot, Philamot - A dull brown shade
keblah, Kibla, Kiblah, Qibla - The direction muslims face while praying
Litchi, Lichi, Lychee, Lichee - A fruit
Poursue, Pursue, Persue, Poursew Pursew - To follow
Pummelo, Shaddock, Pompelo - A citrus fruit
Repreeve, Reprive, Repryve - To delay
Baklava, Baklawa, Baclava - A middle eastern desert
Nilgai, Nilgau, Nilghai, Nilghau, Nylghai, Nylghau - a large antelope
Cassina, Cassene, Cassine, Cassena - an evergreen tree
Narghile, Narghily, Nargile, Nargileh, Nargily - a hookah
Dirdam, Dirdum, Durdum - uproar
Shechita, Shehitah, Shehita - krosher killing of animals
Mezuzot, Mezuzoth, Mezuzah, Mezuza - a Jewish scroll

Combo Words of Two Words that are Good Both Ways

Bedrail - Railbed
Dovering - Ringdove
Hangover - Overhang
Turnover - Overturn
Runover - Overrun
Roadside - Sideroad
Outburn - Burnout
Woodworm - Wormwood
Linecut - Cutline
Outpass - Passout
Outspeak - Speakout
Comedown - Downcome
Upclose - Closeup
Outback - Backout
Pinhead - Headpin
Mateship - Shipmate
Cutover - Overcut
Upstart - Startup
Outshoot - Shootout
Overwing - Wingover
Fantail - Tailfan

Common Words with Not so common Anagrams

Tailors - Oralist, Rialtos, Sliotar
Almonds - Dolmans
Mustard - Durmast
Stadium - Dumaist
Romance - Cremona
Cauldron - Crunodal
Acolyte - Cotylae
Cilantro - Contrail
Decagon - Congaed
Ethical - Alethic
Strongly - Strongyl
Ungrazed - Gazunder
Expires - Prexies
Detangle - Danegelt
Teardown - Danewort
Erasions - Sensoria
Innovate - Venation
Inundate - Antidune
Invocate - Conative
Antidote - Tetanoid
Liaises - Silesia
Coalise - Celosia
Isotherm - Moithers
Heroism - Moreish
Sedation - Astonied
Marries - Simarre
Tsunami - Manitus, Santimu
Cheerio - Echoier

Those Handy Pyramid Words!

Pyramid words are words which start at 2 letters but can be extended to 7 letters and beyond. For example take the word loofahs, we start with lo, next we get to loo, followed by loof, loofa, loofah and loofahs. Thus by knowing loofahs we get to know a total of 6 words. Other examples include:
Abasers, Amenders, Amusers, Barbers, Bingers, Chained,
Chiasmal, Daledhs, Divests, Erasers, Fasties, Godsons, Hookahs, Jambees, Jamboks, Kaingas, Kinases, Lapsers, Maliced, Mentors, Nursery, Parkiest, Poleyns, Reeders, Reposes, Singers, Skaters,Tapetis, Teasers, Ureases, and Woosells.

There are some reverse pyramid words too. Take the word drooped for example, we start with ed, then ped, then oped, then ooped, rooped and finally drooped.Other examples include:
Aemules, Afeared, Borates, Cleared, Demures, Escapes, Glaired, Hamates, Lemures, Mananas, Penates, Retapes, Scraped, Testates, Upreach, Vacates, Whooped, Yslaked and Zananas.

6500 New Words Added to CSW